When to Use élan organics

Where to Apply élan organics Bioidentical Progesterone Cream

élan organics should be applied to the supple, thin skin areas of the body, i.e., Face, Neck, Palms, Vaginal tissue, & Feet.  Apply your cream approximately every 12 hours to different areas of “freshly bathed” skin, according to your menstrual status outlined below.

If you have a monthly cycle

(puberty to menopause)
The day your period begins is counted as Day 1 of your menstrual month.

Apply 1/8th teaspoon days 14-28.

If your period begins again before Day 28, stop using the cream and count that day as Day 1 of your next monthly cycle.  (if your cycle is not a normal 28 day cycle, then begin using your cream the evening of the day of ovulation)  Your goal is to achieve a normal 28 day cycle.


Testosterone is the source of libido in women.  The female body makes testosterone from Progesterone.  Apply according to your menstrual status.


Apply your cream according to the Monthly Cycle directions.  If you get pregnant, continue to use an increasing amount of elan Organics through week 18 of pregnancy.  At that time the placenta should assume production of progesterone.  Gradually and uniformly increase from 1/8th teaspoon twice daily to 1/2 teaspoon twice daily during week 18.  Progesterone is the pro-gestational hormone and necessary for conception, full-term pregnancy.  British gynecologist, Dr Katharina Dalton, summarized in her extensive 1968 research that the babies of mothers who had supplemented with natural progesterone during their pregnancies tended to have improved mental and physical attributes than those of mothers who did not.

If you have a monthly cycle and taking HRT:

Dr. John Lee, M.D. recommends stopping HRT immediately at the outset of using elan Organics.  If, however, your symptoms are severe, Dr. Lee suggests that you phase out the HRT over the next few weeks.  To phase out HRT you must determine whether the HRT you are taking is an oestrogen and progestin combination and, if so, change to an oestrogen-only HRT treatment. The use of Natural Progesterone concurrent with synthetic progesterone (Progestin) is not recommended. If at any time you start a period, stop using the cream immediately, count that day as day 1, and start using the cream again on day 14.  elan Organics will not bring on a period if your body does not naturally require it.


(age 50+)
1/8th teaspoon twice a day, mornings and bedtime for 25-26 consecutive days each month. Discontinue for 5-6 days. Using elan Organics will not restart your menstrual cycle, as menopause is marked by the release of your last egg.


(not age dependent)
Same as Menopause above.

Menopause or Hysterectomy and taking HRT:

(not age dependent)
An eighth teaspoon twice a day, mornings and bedtime for 25-26 consecutive days.


The use of elan Organics in all women will stimulate osteoblast cell activity which results in new bone tissue growth.   Most osteoporosis sufferers will be menopausal and should use an eighth teaspoon mornings and an eighth teaspoon at bedtime for 25-26 days of the month and then discontinue for 5+6 days.  In the U.S., bone loss begins, on average, at age 37. (avoid fluoride and maintain optimal levels of key minerals, especially calcium and vitamin K2)

Hot Flashes or Period Related Migraines:

At the onset of a hot flash apply a small amount of elan Organics on the inside of each wrist.  At the onset of a migraine apply a small amount of elan Organics behind each ear and on the temples.  Migraine headaches are usually the result of too much estrogen and/or amalgam (mercury) dental fillings.

Persistent Hot Flashes/Night Sweats After Using elan Organics for a Few Weeks:

Identify and avoid environmental estrogens.  How?  You will likely benefit from Natural Estrogen Cream. Use once per day, only on the same days as your progesterone cream (you do not want to create oestrogen dominance) from 1 to all 25-26 days, as needed.

Concluding Thoughts...

Most women feel a difference within a few minutes of initial application, however, those who are exceptionally deficient in progesterone and struggling with too much estrogen, may require 3 months to achieve an optimum balance.

In an environment where nothing was negatively affecting our hormone balance, a woman should naturally produce 22-25 mg of progesterone per day in the second half of her monthly cycle (days 14-28). An eighth teaspoon of elan Organics contains 15 mg of bio identical progesterone, so one application in the morning and one in the evening will constitute approximately 30 mg per day.

Allowing for stress and environmental toxins, you can expect to achieve not less than 22-25 mg per day, the amount that should be produced naturally. For severe symptoms a quarter teaspoon twice per day may be applied. The amount of cream you use will be ultimately determined by how you are feeling and how you are responding. Each jar and tube contains more than 90 eighth-teaspoon applications.

Special Tip:

After each application of elan Organics rub any residual cream on your face and neck You will be pleased with the improvement in skin tone.

* Please Note:

At the onset of using Natural Progesterone Cream some women may initially experience an increase in “oestrogen dominance” symptoms. This is due to the natural progesterone “waking up” oestrogen receptor sites not a reaction to elan Organics Progesterone Cream. If experienced, simply reduce the amount of cream, and gradually return to a normal dose.  This condition is only temporary. As your body adjusts the re-introduction of this “master” hormone, progesterone, you will achieve optimal balance and the symptoms caused by oestrogen dominance will ameliorate.

There are no reported short or long term side effects to using elan Organics Bio Identical Progesterone Cream. – Too much oestrogen can cause irregular cycles and retention of old blood. Because Natural Progesterone has a normalizing effect on the menstrual cycle, it can initially promote the shedding of old blood. This shedding is very desirable as stored blood can increase the risk of endometriosis & endometrial cancer.

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